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I saw a thing on COPS last night about , I think it was Las Vegas, where the cops said if a moped was out after 10pm 90% chance that it was stolen...anyway some of you regulars know I bought a puch 1980 froma mower repair/junkyard that was half missing for 20 bucks(oh I plan on going back there to look for parts soon) .. now per the mopjunkyrd it'll run me 500 to fix it, well I got a DWI when I wrecked my motorcycle (yes I'm aware some of you think I should be hung by the neck until dead for that) and will lose my license soon , so I already bought a hyosung scooter (legal to drive in NC without a license) and would like to tinker with this Puch thing to fix it ....but more good news, the co I work for was just bought and the new owners decided we made too much and gave us a 2.00/hour pay cut down to 9.00,, at 43 Its pretty tough to go job hunting on a moped/scooter so I guess I'm stuck there for a year if I can get rides and use my scooter,........anyway I enjoy reading all of you guys antics on here, Fred, Wayne and Ryans pics and stuff ,,, sometimes you read something from a kid and you just know he has no business picking up a wrench ,but then I think back to when I was a teen and prolly said the same thing,, Miguel and Reep and Zippy with their advice...and some of the sites you guys find are amazing I cant tell you how many I've looked at and added to my favorites.. I now go to the mental health dept for alcohol problems and plan to join AA soon ,, I'm dry right now (no alcohol) and my probs seem to be mounting but I think I can handle them... so this is from an older motorhead that appreciates the MOPED ARMY go my friends and swarm and destroy...RogNC

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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