Tomos Question

Hey Ree,

That's a picture of my bike-- do you know what it is? I'm assuming it's a sprint, because it has no oil injector. It probably says on the ID tag w/vin.

I'm curious about the engine designation, and what you think about the upgrade kit on this model.

I'll look when I get out of work, and see what it has on there for information. I hate to admit that I haven't spent much time with it yet. I need to move it to my cellar and begin checking it out for roadworthiness....

Do you do your own brake work? Would you reccomend doing them yourself? I know Don-Ohio had some trouble with one he did the brakes on (total lock up--doh!)

where the heck is that rascal anyway? He usually posts at least once a day--!



Re: Tomos Question

Reeperette /

I think it's the non TT Targa, actually....not that it matters much, it's an A5 Engine set.

Brakes are simple, I've never hadda problem, replace the cables with the shoes, mind.


Re: Tomos Question


Don-Ohio is on vacation in Sunny............"Snowy" Florida!! I think he said he would be back around the 7th or 8th?? He stopped by my house on his way down.

Re: Tomos Question

Yeah,Ike,Wayne,Ree and all,I'm BAAAACCCKK! Man! I didn't want to leave the Florida Keys!Went mopeding all over everywhere.It was absolutely perfect weather almost the whole 2 and a half weeks.Took both Motomarinas down to Key West and enjoyed the slow pace of the city and along A 1 A highway.Mopeded in Key Largo and Marathon Key amongst others.But Key West is moped heaven for me,as far as warm weather and friendly mopeders and scooterers are concerned.My boy rode on the back with me all over the towns,with Ike's nice helmet on.He loves it!The Sebrings purred like kittens with never a problem.Day after day of ridin' with no jacket or winter clothes.Unbelievable!My wife learned how to ride the moped better as she's pretty rusty at it.I been tellin' my wife:`Honey,if you want to see things,really see things,you get on a moped or bicycle.' She had been looking to see dolphins all the time in the car as we drove down the coast.GUESS WHAT !! She went about a mile with me on a moped and we filmed about 5 or 6 dolphins she spotted with ease.

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