Ciao Magneto problem

I just got my flywheel puller tool made by a machinist friend of mine and it works like a charm. I finally got to see under the flywheel and found that the (red) wire from the L.T. coil to the points had melted insolation and the bare wire was touching the metal body on the engine. I'm going to fix that wire and put new points and condenser in that I bought from Fabio, but I'm not sure of one thing. The condenser that's inside already has two wires soldered to the centre of it. One is the black wire that goes to the H.T. coil, and the other is a yellow wire that goes to the points screw. The new condenser has one attached yellow wire coming from the centre of it. Is this the right condenser? Do I just splice the two wires or is there another condenser with two wires coming out of the middle?

My Ciao is a '72 Euro Model with no turn signals and no stop light, just a tail light.

Can anybody advise me on this?



Check out the picture at

Re: Ciao Magneto problem

Is your current (old) condensor on the inside of the flywheel or sticking through to the outside of the engine casing? You may have the wrong condensor, give Fabio a call.

Re: Ciao Magneto problem

zippy the old condenser is inside .It has a bracket on the side that holds a cotton wad that lubricates the cam. The new one has this as well, is the same size but only has one yellow wire coming out the centre. I'll call Fabio and ask him. thanks

Re: Ciao Magneto problem

I bought the rubber oil seal that goes under the points cam. Does this seal pry out on the same side as the points ? or do I have to take apart the crankcase to replace it.I can't find this in the manual. thanks bruce

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