Kromag Pinto Mopeds

Does anyone have information on the availability of engine parts to this model of moped. It is an early 70's Kromag "Pinto" sold by JC Penney.

Re: Kromag Pinto Mopeds

XBrandon EdgeX /

The engine, wheels, tires, drivetrain, controls, electrical stuff, and a lot of other parts are made by Puch. You can get most of the parts at any of the shops listed on this site in "Resources"; click on "Articles"; click on "Recommended Moped Shops".

Re: And while you're at it

Click on "Search" and type "Pinto" to see everything ever writen here on them.


Re: And while you're at it

It's the same as a one speed Puch. Parts are definately easy to get.

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