Good news, bad news

Over the Christmas break, I finally got my Puch (year??) to run. It was salvaged after sitting uncovered outside for almost a year. That was the good news. The bad news is that the more I run it, the worse it gets. The plug gets lots of carbon pretty quick, I am running a 40:1 mix. The ped will not idle AT ALL, and the last problem is that the thing makes a "clipping" sound like one of those old "push type" lawn movers. Almost like a grinding sound. I changed the trans fluid an filled with Type F. The power gets worse and worse!

I read Fred's guide, which was VERY helpful and everything seems to be ok, with the exception of the timing. I am not positive that I have that 100% correct, but pretty close. Is this the only thing that could be wrong? Thanks for your help.

Re: Good news, bad news

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I use 50:1 in my Puch. If you followed Fred's guide step by step, and it is still messed up, I can't give you any other advice.

Re: Good news, bad news

You may have overfilled the tranny, that would make it run slooooow.

If it is a 2 speed (fill plug on top) you should only fill with 9.5 ounces.

If it is a 1 speed (filler screw on lower side of tranny) you should fill with 4.5 ounces. It is hard to overfill a 1 speed. Use ATF Type "F"

your mix should be 50:1 or 2.5 ounces of a good 2 cycle motor oil.

Plug should be a NGK B5HS or equivalent gapped at .018

Re: Don't run it if... have any strange mechanical noises, particularly grinding, scrapping or knocking.

These just tell you something is wrong with an internal part that needs attention now.


Re: Good news, bad news

Thanks for the comments. I just went today and bought new plugs to see what the difference is. I bought a B6HS and a B5HS.

Any thoughts on why it won't idle? I tried adjusting the idle on the carb, which was completely rebuilt, but it didn't help. I have not pulled the clutch, but might do that to check for worn pads. I used to have a Peugeot, are they similiar? What are signs of a bad clutch? I used Type F and aded it until it poured out, but I will make sure that I measure the ATF before pouring it in.


Re: Don't run it if...

InfectedBootSector /

Is the noise coming from the gearbox or is it coming from somewhere else? If your chain is loose, it could be knocking off the side of the ped when it is running. Mine did that... adjusting the chain cleared it right up.

hey greg

hey greg.. I got a quick question. I have a 1980 puegeot. 102 sp single speed.

I need to check my tranny fluid (if you can) you have any ideas. also what happend to your peugeot.. man I love mine!

Re: hey greg

Duck... I had the same bike, when it was new and loved it! I used to go everywhere on that bike. I sold it when I bought my Honda 350 motorcycle. Actually, I forget how to check the tranny fluid, but I do remember having a lot of problems with the clutch. Sorry, not much help but glad to hear that someone else loves their Peugoet.

Re: Good news, bad news

Some model Puchs had carbs with an idle jet. The idle jet is a tiny hole in the carb casing that allows a small amount of gas to seep through at low rpm (Idle speed). The jet (if you have one) is located in the engine side of the throat of the carb, in the casing. It is a very tiny hole and should be cleaned out with a very small piece of wire (like one strand from an old control cable). Carb cleaner alone won't clean it out.

If you don't have an idle jet model then the idle is controlled by the flat piece of metal that attaches to the inside side of the choke stem. Make sure this flat piece of metal is smooth and has no burrs and that it slides easily up and down.

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