My Batavus won't stay running help!

I need to some from anyone thats had this problems please. I have tried everything that I can think of I need some knew ideas. I can get it running and it will run for about a block then it dies, after a few minutes it starts back up again. Any Ideas?

RE: My Batavus won't stay running help!

Melissa .... read "Clean the carb"... below... are mixing 2-stroke oil with the gas aren't you?

RE: My Batavus won't stay running help!

I have cleaned the carb as well as mixed the gas 50:1 with 2-stroke. I've changed spark plugs as well.

RE: My Batavus won't stay running help!

Did you take the carburetor off and take it ALL APART and pull out the main jet...which is a small brass piece in the middle of the float bowl...and look through it?...... And was this moped sitting for a year or two without running?..... One other thing to check...... pull the fuel line off at the carburetor and see if fuel flows out..... If your moped has a vacuum operated petcock you will have to pull the other rubber hose off and suck on it to let fuel flow.... If it doesn't flow when you do those things then the petcock needs to be removed and cleaned...(the petcock is the thing on the gas tank where the fuel line comes from, it either has an on/off lever or another rubber hose running to it)..... Try this stuff if you can.

RE: My Batavus won't stay running help!

what to do : i suppose you have ignition, and it is ok,you changed spark plug by the original spark plug,then fuel i suppose is ok, does it flow after the valve ?, if so, then do you have enough compression ? is the top cylinder not leaking by the joint ? try out the stop on the fuel tank is the small hole ok ?

try also the following which helped me also a lot

look out for a place where no houses are and detach the exhaust from the cylinder, put stopper in your ears and let the motor run, if it stays running the exhaust is plugged and best thing to do is by another one

hope this helps

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