moped racing

happy New Year .

There now thats out of the way anyone out there into moped racing ??

I've been racing peds for a few years and we now have a website dedicated to moped endurance racing

if you go to the site check the Race reports page for an update on the progress of the new ped it's an MT5 powered honda rs125 chasie should be good for about 95mph when finshed or have a look at for the series that Im rcing in

All the best for the new year


Re: moped racing

gimmyjimmy /

that's slick, any races like that here in the states?

good luck Andy.

Re: moped racing

Reeperette /

>>There now thats out of the way anyone out there into moped racing ??<<

Yep, anytime, anywhere, long as I got wheels under me, imma up for it - as a participant, tho, not a spectator.

Also have an interest in mild stunt/trick-riding...mild as long as it's my wheels in question...which I'd have to fix if I piled up, heh.


Re: moped racing

moped army hosts a canondale cross-city race twice a year in kalamazoo, michigan. we usually have about 30+ racers.

Re: moped racing

gimmyjimmy /

do you mean the BBQ race?

I'm talking about a sanctioned closed track race like this Andy dude is in.

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