Yardman throttle cable sachs engine

David Foti /


I have a 1979 yardman moped with a sachs engine and I am in need of a throttle cable. To make it worse I had the broken cable but I beleive my son threw it out so now I'm having a real problem finding one. Any help is very much appreciated.

RE: Yardman throttle cable sachs engine

Look up mopeds in the phone book and find a dealer who can help you out, a bicycle cable will probably also work.

RE: Yardman throttle cable sachs engine

Take a bike brake cable and use a bench grinder to shape the fitting on one end into something that's looks like a cylinder is about and an 8th of an inch across and about as tall..that should work.

RE: Yardman throttle cable sachs engine

allstatemoped /

You should be able to get a new cable, but if you can't I can attest to the efficacy of making your own cable. I put over 30,000 miles on my machine with all home made cables (throttle, front brake, clutch, and two shift cables). It may be a little more difficult without the old one to take measurments from, but it should still be possible. I also recomend trying to get an adjustable fitting called a "barrell end". it looks like a very small barrell with a set screw to allow it to be attached to a cable at any point. These often fit at the control end (ie lever or twist grip) and come in several sizes and types. Good luck!

RE: Yardman throttle cable sachs engine

beth mishko /

Do you know of any Yardman Snow Blowers ?

My dad wants one for a Christmas Gift but I can't find one on the web


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