Old Moped (Photo)

Two old mopeds I found-- no info, just pics. If you know anything about these bikes, post! I think the first one is called a "crescent"


Re: Old Moped (Photo)

Another oldie


Folding motorbike (Photo)

A photo-gif of a folding moped--

Pretty neat--- (Okay, maybe it doesn't have pedals, still nifty)


Re: Folding motorbike (Photo)

How much extra for the girl and can she repair mopeds?

Re: Old moped

Those are Crescent mopeds. The first pic is an original, the second is a cutom someone made from one. I believe they were made in the Netherlands in the late 50's - early 60's.

They were not exported to the U.S. if I recall correctly.


Re: Old Moped - Crescent Pic

Here is a nice Crescent. Nice ped.


Re: Folding motorbike (Photo)

Neat bike

Do you have any pics with her bending just a little bit more?

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