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Yes, that's the old A3 engine with DelLorto carb, and a points based ignition.

Yes it will have no real difficulty with your size/weight....I carried a passenger your size a couple miles once and regularly carried anywhere from 30-90lbs of cargo in my saddlebags, so I see no problem there.....the ride might be a little rougher, however - and if you plan to ride a lot, think about perhaps a 25 tooth sprocket, especially if the moped isn't hitting top end when yer on it.

Figure that if you have no access to the top end anyhow, work with it's pulling ability by installing a shorter front sprocket.

Expect a solid 27-32Mph depending on tuning, conditions, and the mopeds own quirks (mopeds, like their owners, are individuals).

Get the BiTurbo too, preferably two-piece, it does outstandingly for performance, and is well worth the money...and the two piece can be adjusted (slid longer/shorter) for where and how you want the extra power.

If you should desire to change from points to CDI ignition, it doesn't make that much difference, although it's not too hard to do....getting the flywheel off is a pain in the ass, but other than that it's pretty simple.

The Golden Bullet was, hands-down, THE most solid moped Tomos ever made, the Targa and Sprint do not compare for it's quality and durability, keep that in mind.

With a Bi-Turbo, sprocket change and larger carb, you could reasonably expect 45mph, and probably more depending on how good you are at tuning it....forgo the kit however, it's made for the A5(A35) Engines and will not work with your model, and I would suggest avoiding it even then - it's a disaster for the inexperienced.

Weather has little effect on the GB, it has no battery, and I've started them in -30 weather without a hitch, and with the tire-chain idea that I cooked up, can handle over a foot of snow, even with ice on it/under it.

The stock tires on the GB weren't too bad, but if you aren't mounting Cheng Shin tires, consider buying a pair, and back them up with BELL Self-Sealing bicycle tubes from your local Walmart....buy them 1-2" oversize, for the extra rubber and ease of installation.

(Tomos wheels are 16", so buy the tubes at 17"-18")

I figure that's enough for ya to try to absorb on one post...need anything else, just howl on the forum and I'll get to it when I do..


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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