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I was needing to clean my carb, can I buy carb cleaner in a can to soak it in or should I just manually clean some spots?


Re: Cleaning Carb

Use compressed air as well as carb cleaner. Take the bowl off your carb, spray the compressed air in there, clean it out more if necessary. Then look at your needle jet. You should be able to see through the whole in the middle of the jet. Do what you gotta do to get it clean, basically. I am not really familiar with your particular carb, but they are all basically the same, they just look a little different.

Re: Cleaning Carb

Carb dip is very strong stuff and does a great job. You have to be sure all plastic and rubber parts have been removed. If you are talking about a Dellorto on a Vespa, remove the float, needle, and fuel strainer under the banjo fitting and put the carb body, bowl, and slide in the carb cleaner,

After it is clean, run carb spray through all the passsages, then compressed air, then more carb spary til no crud remains. reassemble it and install.


Wear Goggles or safety glasses

Wear Goggles or safety glasses and make sure you have plenty of cold water near by. Carb Cleaner can burn your eyes and skin very badly.

Also claen the carb in a well ventilated area and try not to inhale the fumes, nasty stuff!

Carb Cleaning

I just started cleaning out my carb after having my bat in storage for awhile. Thing was gummed up pretty good. There was some white build-up stuff binding up some of the parts. Is that chemicals and stuff that is added to the gas??


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