tomos targa lx chain....

im tuning my bike up and i know you haveto tightin the chain but theres one problem i dont know how so can some one tell me how to tightin the chain

Re: tomos targa lx chain....

Reeperette /

Right under the rear wheel bolts, should be a pair of widgets look a bit like large, ventilated washers with a thumb-push plate on em.

I call em the chain-sliders....what you do, to tighten the chain, is loosen the rear wheel bolts, and push the sliders down so that the space between the notch they go to, and the center of the bolt, is widened.

Make sure the rear wheel is straight, and adjust both of them, then tighten the rear wheel bolts back, you might have to readjust the sliders after putting the bolts finger-tight, so watch out for that.

Not the best explaination I've ever given, but with it, the general idea becomes quite obvious.

Have fun,


Re: tomos targa lx chain....

Didnt the bike chain work i dont know if it was you that was talking about that or not. peace

Re: tomos targa lx chain....

Chris,along with what Ree said,be sure you have 3/4 " of slack(up-down play)in the chain when the bike is loaded with normal weight of passenger and gear.This is because the swing arm usually tightens the chain more as the rider sits on the bike.There may be an exception to this though so check it out.I'm just saying don't overtighten the chain.

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