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How do I test the battery on my friends 1977 Honda Express? I have it and it looks in diecent condition. I have a multimeter just not sure if I can test it with that and what i set it on to test it. I would appreciate all the help I can get. If it is bad what do I do?



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you set the multi meter on the dc range, then use the black or negative contact from the multimetere and touch the negative contact of the battery, then take the positive or red contact from the multimeter then touch the positive contact of the battery, if you have about 12 volts that is good, and when the bike runs if you have 13.5 to 14.5 volts thats good. becareful that you dont set the multimetere to millivolts or ampres , you will burn the miltimitere out.

Re: battery

A multimeter will tell you how much voltage it has ( you can take the caps off of each cell, place the NEG lead of the meter on the NEG post then put the POS or red probe in the electrolyte in each cell to see if you have a dead cell, each one should make your meter move about 2 volts, a 6 volt battery has 3 caps = 3 mini-2 volt cells connected in series, 12 volt has 6 caps ) but the only real way to test it is a load test to see how much current it can supply. If your Honda doesn't have electric start then the multimeter test described by oli will do. If it's bad replace it, or check the specific gravity of the acid/water in each cell with a hydrometer, it should be about 1.12 for a fully charged battery but this varies with temperature. Top up each cell with distilled water and put it on a trickle charger made for motorcycle batteries overnight, don't use an automotive fast charger or it may explode. Remember to wear cloths you won't mind getting holes in, goggles, and have plenty of water nearby to wash down with. Don't attept this on your signifigant others dinning room table.

Re: battery

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VespaCiao, Do you have a autoparts store close to you? I always take batteries to AutoZone, they test them for free.

Re: battery

their battery tester is expensive and can tell you more stuff than you really need to know. Just make sure the person using the tester knows what the heak they are doing.

You can also go to sears or any other shop with a battery dept. the testers that they use today can check the condition of each cell by putting a load on the battery and then checking the continuity of each cell. They want to make sure you don't bring back a good battery and don't mind investing a little cash into something that can be of bennifit to you.


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