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Hey I was just wonderin if ne1 knows of ne moped shops around the detroit/ann arbor area.

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the closest ones i know of are in ohio. akron mopeds and handy bikes (columbus). check them out. there might be a few tomos dealers around also (there's one i think in flint).

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Motosports in Flint on Court St. He sells Tomos.

He Sort-Of...sells Tomos.

Reeperette /

I've been to the shop in Flint a time or two.

It's a skateboard shop, in truth, that carries a FEW moped bits, and the guy running the moped bit of it is like, wayyy backlogged on repairs (and prettymuch ignored any offer to handle his overflow) - the few parts I got there came with at least a 20% markup from anywhere else's prices.

The guy is good, mind...just that the moped biz there is a side-thing, and I prefer to deal with people who's main business is engines, not skateboards...and with a more reasonable pricing adjustment.

Now, depending on what you want in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area, perhaps there is some help here.

I don't have parts, but if you need repair expertise just howl, and if I've the time to do'll have some - I am smack between Detroit and Ann Arbor, in fact.


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Well thanks a lot for the help. I'm in Plymouth myself which is pretty much beween Ann Arbor and Detroit. I'm just havin some problems that i can't figure out. I'll be crusin along at full throttle and it's like my moped just dies. I think it might be the carb but, i don't really want to pull that thing apart. Any suggestions?

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And by the way, Happy New Year!

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Ron Brown /


When it dies, try choking it immediately. If it starts firing again, you are not getting gas.

Post results of this test as well as how long it runs, what your spark plug looks like, what year/model ped, how you get it started again, how long has it done this, when did the problem begin, what color are your socks?


Re: He Sort-Of...sells Tomos.

alright i'll do that soon

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