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I just got a 1977 Honda Express of a friends and he doesn't have a key. It has 4 wires going in to the back of the ignition red, green, black, and black with white. Do I connect them all together to hotwire it or what do I do?



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hey man.. this is just a guess but I bet you could go to walfart and get a generic ignition bypass with its own key and wire it up just like the other one.. hehe

Re: Hotwireing

From the Expressly Mopeds Forum:

<<Put the red and black together. Green is ground and black w/stripe is for the kill switch on handle bar.

If you take your ignition out and take it to a lock smith he shoul be able to make a key from the code # stamped in it. I had to have this done to an Express I got without a key.

Posted on Apr 22, 2001, 6:50 AM>>

Re: Hotwireing

My 78 express for some reason doesnt really need a key. Mine I can turn with my finger nail or a screwdriver or anything else you can think of. Dont know if they were all like this or somones been messing with mine.

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