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I am ignorant on 2 cycle engines. I was wondering when the plug sparks, what does this cause. Once we get a spark what does that spark do? I would appreciate someone explaining the basics of how the moped motor keeps the wheel turnin.

Re: Spark Plug

The sparkplug ignites the compressed fuel/air mixture which burns and expands pushing the piston down, and the piston is attached to the crankshaft creating the revolving motion.

Re: Spark Plug

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Check out this site for all the info on how 2 stroke motors work:

Cool animated graphics to show you whats happening.

For now, the plug does the same as in a 4 stroke motor. Fuel and air enter the pistons cylinder, the piston rises, compressing the fuel and air. Then, the spark plug fires, causing the fuel/air mix to burn. This creates ALOT of pressure which PUSHES the piston back down. Then the cycle repeats.

This is obviously the basics. Check out that link above, is a great source of information!

Mike K.

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