Morini motor info wanted

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Hey guys,

Is there a way to identify the Morini motor in my moped? I need to know what model it is so i can purchase parts to rebuild....

Are there identifying marks or serial numbers somewhere on these motors? I haven't found any.

What about measurements i could take to determine the model?

Thanks for any Morini information!!

Mike K - philly, PA

Re: Morini motor info wanted

The Morini MO1 motor is single speed and has a clutch engaging lever on top of tranny cover on right side.The MO2 engine is a 2-speed and the clutch cable enters the right side cover and it has a fill plug atop the engine cover which is also a dipstick.These 2 engines have identical mountings except the MO2 casing is narrower at the rear bottom mount so you have to shim with washers or spacers if replacing on an originally equipped MO1 bike.There are other motors and if you have further questions contact or call Handy Bikes at 614-299-0550 and ask Bob Jones.Okay?

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