Re: the pressure is tooooo much

Fred-- I just posted a photo gif of a mini-stirling engine--

Maybe Ryan can explain that--!

Re: the pressure is tooooo much

Nah, rocket science is too hard- but if you give me a sec I'll calculate the exact number of pi...

Re: the pressure is tooooo much

If the oil just trickles in, why use a pump? why not let gravity just trickle it in??

Re: the bottom line!!!

The bottom line is... both engines have their own special advantages and disadvantages! I personally dont want a 2 stroke in my Silverado nor do i want a 4 stroke on my chain saw!! But i lovem both!!!

because its better than that

'trickles"... may not be the best description... the pump puts out out varying amount according to both engine RPM... and throttle position... so while it just 'oozes' or 'trickles' out... it does it at a set rate to reflect what the engine needs at that time and situation... those Jap engineers are some pretty fart smellers.

'trickling' from an orifice... would not even be as good a plan as even just pre-mixing.

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