valve grinding vs lapping compound..

Garret Rassulo /

whats the difference in these two, coarsness?

i need 2 resurface my Tomos A3 cylinder head because i was a dumb lil sh1t and tightened all the bolts down FULLY instead of progressively in an X pattern.

i have my trusty lil "moped maintenance & repair manual" that shows me how2 do this (compound, spread it on plate glass, move head in figure 8 pattern till even).

the book says to use "valve lapping compound" but all i could find at my local auto parts store was valve grinding compound (permatex type 34A) is it ok to go ahead & use this or should i hunt for the lapping compound?


Same thing

Those are just 2 different words for the same thing.

Re: Same thing

Garret Rassulo /

cool. im glad they are. now all i need is a piece of plate glass.....time to go to the second most dangerous place for my wallet (besides the local moped shop!) Home Depot! :)

You can use a window

I have... It was 10 o-clock at night... and I must have appeared from outside to have one particularly dirty spot on the inside of the kitchen window.

(I was using a sheet of fine grit wet and dry sandpaper taped to the inside of the window... not valve lapping compound)

And YES... I am aware that window glass is not necessarily as flat as a piece of 'plate glass'.... however.... it was very much flat enough... and that was easy to see from the wear pattern on the cyl head... also... you spin the head to a new hand position every few passes.. it all worked out very well.

Re: You can use a window

thats HILARIOUS, sounds like somthin id do!

another funny story........

when i was rebuilding my Tomos' transmission, id needed to replace the pressed in bearings in the side cover, so i put them in the freezer in a bag of ice that "just so happened to be there" to shrink them.......little did i know it was there because our ice maker broke!

My dad came home from work 10mins later and took a handfull of ice 2 put in his glass......he got a "lil surprise" in it too! 1 Tomos bearing! his response was somthing like "what the hell?........GARRET!!!!!!"

us moped people are a crazy breed, hell i just bought thinsulate gloves because my pinky fingers got frostbite from riding in 20 degree winter weather!

a green christmas is every moped riders dream.........


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