Installed a FIAMM horn

I currently have all the body pieces off my 250 elite scooter. I'm

awaiting parts. I figured it'd a great time to replace the horn.

This Fiam horn is L-O-U-D! 132 decibles according to the package! It's

called a "blazer horn, highway blaster" (high tone) model # BH103FBH.

It was $13 at autozone. They had cheaper Fiam horns but for $2 or $3

more I decided to get the L-O-U-D-E-S-T one they had. That's a small

price for safety.

It's a little bit thicker than the original due to the attached black

trumpet where the sound comes out. It is the same diameter and mounts

exactly the same so it fits fine.

Mounting it was easy. Once the horn was exposed from behind the

bodywork mounting it took 5 minutes. My scooter hides the horn behind

a lot of body pieces. If I wanted to swap horns without the scooter

being already apart it would have taken about an hour and 1/2 from

start to finish.


Re: Installed a FIAMM horn

another pic


Re: Installed a FIAMM horn

last pic


Re: Installed a FIAMM horn

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I just yell at people. I can yell pretty damn loud! :)


Re: Installed a FIAMM horn


I usually mount dual ait horns on my moped-- with a little compressor. Don't you love having a kick-ass horn?

Re: Installed a FIAMM horn

Woo Hoo! I got all my parts today! New Bridgestone ML16 and ML17 tires, Upper gasket set, air filter, exhaust valve, spark plug and more. This thing is going to be like a new scooter!

The cylinder head, wheels and tires were dropped off at the shop today. They should be ready to pick up tomorrow. I don't change my own tires and I do not have a valve spring compressor to do the valves.

I can then put this scooter all back together and test it out. I'll have about $850 and a few hours of my time into it. It'll sell on ebay for $2000 easily!


Re: Installed a FIAMM horn

dual air horns would be kick ass but I wasnt sure if theyd fit under the body panels. I wouldnt want them in plain view.

I've yelled at people too but a loud horn commands much more attention. :)

Re: Installed a FIAMM horn

Crisis--cincinnati /


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