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I am just starting out with learning about mopeds. I want to purchase one in the spring for my 10 mile commute to campus (all back roads at 40 mph). As a Georgia resident, I don't want the hassle of getting a motorcycle license and all that junk.

For a novice, is the Tomos Targa a good choice? I would buy on-line from Heeters or a similar dealer.

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If you are getting a new one, look at the Puch Korado. Those are super nice mopeds, and very easy to work on. You can't go wrong with German engineering! Tomos Mopeds are made in Slavania, just so you know.


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where is slavania? tomos is made in slovinia, or former yugoslavia, they have been making mopeds since 1954, they are great mopeds that are highly modifyable, so crisis dont talk about things you dont know about, and dont say it is bad just because it is made in slovinia (slavania in your brain).

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tomos have good engines, but the rest of the bike sucks. 4 of my friends including me had Targa LX models, and one other had a sprint. Little things start breaking on them in the begining like side panels, and speedo cables. Then the exhuast bracket snaps. (happened on 3 out of 5) The rear shcoks on all the mopeds blew apart at least once, and fell apart on my tomos 4 times. The brakes start out good, but turn to mush, even with the proper attention. A lot of other odd stuff breaks on them, and can end up costing a lot, if ur cant fix it yourself. But i will say this: the engine always started!

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oh, i forgot. I have had a bunch of mopeds, and the best advice i can give to a newbee is to get a the nicest puch maxi you can find, or afford. (make sure its a single speed!) You will have the least trouble with it. lots of parts, and cheap cheap cheap. also really simple to work on, and deffinetly better quality. If its too slow, through a biturbo on it, but nothing else. Ive had nothing but frustration with cylinders and carbs and junk. Mods was wut alway seemed to mess my bikes up the most.

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dude get the tomos! with proper care it will last a very long time. mines a 92 and it had 32,000 miles on it and it only died cause the crank was mush after that much abuse.not to mention the previous owner was an asshole who abused it. so a set of new bearings and a new crank and im ready for the next 32000. the engine is very well made and the frame is as well. i mean it has its quirks but hey, so do most cars. besides a tomos is really the only stylish moped around anymore i mean a new puch looks like a box on wheels....god aweful ugly!!!!! sorry hope i didnt offend anyone.


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oh, and my vote goes for the 82 honda pa50II... you can still order almost any part from Honda, kind of a pain to work on, but since they have a variator (instead of a regular gear tranny) there is also less stuff to go wrong. or like timmo and chris said and go with a single speed puch maxi... VERY nice mopeds. and not as "plastic" as Tomi (what i feel should be the plural form of "Tomos") =]

good luck with whatever you choose!

swarm & destroy... in the deep south!!


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hehe friskys are good so bah humbug

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i've heard good things about tomos. i think pretty much any moped with good care will last a long long time. ree is totally die hard about tomos. and they have a very very good reputation. other than the piaggio ciao, they are the only old-school mopeds still made. so tomos is still around for a reason. if you have the money, i'd get the tomos revival. it looks sort of like a motorcycle, but it also looks very old school moped. very choice.

some puch models are still made and sold in the usa, but they are made in india and many people seem to complain about the quality control. so if you get something like a hero-puch or whatever, give it a good shakedown first.

now ... i agree that an older puch or an italian bike would be the best way to go. tomos is a bit harder to work on than the simple italian mopeds (minarelli, garelli, morini engines), sachs engines, or puch. it's not that they are much harder per say, just that it takes a few more tools to get at simple things like the carburetor.

another good moped would be a motobecane, though they are also difficult to work on.

bottom line ... if you're looking for a new moped, i'd recommend the tomos. they have a very good reputation. properly maintained, it should last a long time. and since they are still made, you can easily get parts from the dealer. another option would be an avanti or even a derbi.

good luck finding something nice!

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oh, and by the way ... its SLOVENIA. which is between italy and austria. perhaps that's why it's such a good moped. it has a blend of italian style and german engineering. ;-)

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I bought one new, loved it.

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Crisis--Cincinnati /

Did I say it was bad? Oli, don't get mad, and don't take what I say out of context! :) I was just going from a weak memory on the spelling of the country. I was just letting him know where they were made, just in case. That's all. Peace out!


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I know....I know...I know.....I messed up the spelling, because I wasn't sure, but by no means was I slamming Tomos. I just think they suck to work on. That's all.


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Len.. hey

I am a moped rider from georgia too. Hard to belive huh? hehe.

there aren't many mopeds in my area just wondering if you ever have seen any in your area.

I have a 1980 peugeot 102 sport.

I baught it from florida at a swap meet for 30 bucks.

Georgia laws are really slack for moped riders... all you need is a helmit if your riding on the pavement. You don't need a tag or to register it or a special motorcycle or moped licence or anything like that..

I hope you get one...

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I live around Atlanta and only two places are listed in the yellow pages (one's a junk yard). Thanks for the help. The gang from the Army have been very helpful. I'll keep you all up to speed on my progress.


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My tomos targa has about 5500 on the clock right now and heres a run-down of the good and the bad from my, and my friends expericnes.


my rear shocks blew out at about 115 km.

my electrical went out at about 1200 km.

my engine was siezed due to me forgetting to put oil in at 2500.

my throttle cable snapped during normal operation of choke.

2500 - 5500 PROBLEM FREE.


My friend's red targa's exhaust braket broke off, leaving his bi-turbo hanging on for it's life, only to let go, and get run over by a car.

My friend's red targa's horn braket broke up, that too is hanging for it's life off the front.

My friends's red targa's farings are also cracked

-ditto for friend with black targa.

out of 4 mopeds, 0 of our dash lights work.

Take off the lights, the electrical stuff (except CDI of course), and strip the fairings, and you will have ONE DAMN GOOD RELIABLE BIKE!

*My friend's

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the older tomos were built better, i think. too much plastic on some of the targas. and they are more difficult to work on than italian (w/ the exception of vespa), puch, and sachs. but a solid moped nonetheless.

sorry crisis. seems like i'm picking on you too much lately! ;-)

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Nothin but love Miguel. I don't feel picked on at all. :)

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Seems to be the consensus that Tomos is mechanically and electrically sound, but the trim and bulbs suck. Case in point, I have an 06 and 07 ST. OEM headlights suck 25 W not enough, the aftermarket 35's seem to hang in there. My 07, OEM headlight 25 w crapped out, dash lites too. However, if you're expecting car like endurance in mileage--2 car payments are easily the price of a new Tomos. My 06 has 5600 miles after a year plus of hard living with no mechanical problems, and I consider anything more gravy, as my 07 is in rotation. So, 2500.00 for 2 + years of riding, with no insurance, no tag, no tax, 100+ mileage, and parts and repairs are cheap and simple. Can't get from point A to B any cheaper.

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and to add one more thing, in 07, the only US legal moped left standing is Tomos, with the A55 engine on the entire line. A55 has more torque than the A35; so much more that the rear gear is HUGE in relation to the rear gear on the 06 A35 ST.

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How and why did you bump a thread that is over 6 years old? All of the original people are long gone except for maybe Crisis if that's the same one.

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You didn't answer the question.

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