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I have a Western Flyer moped which I'm trying to locate parts for I think it's from the 80's.......Any info would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure but I believe the western flyer was a columbia moped. Do you need engine parts? I don't know if this model used the same engine (sachs) as other columbia mopeds.

Western Flyer (Photo)

Western Flyer Whizzer


Re: Western Flyer (Photo II)

Western Flyer Whizzer


Whizzer Parts info

Re: Whizzer Parts info

If it is in fact from the 80's then it most likely is a columbia reproduction of the western flyer. Are parts between the original and repro even interchangeable?

Re: Western Flyer (Photo)

Thanks for the reply......but, what I have is a full blown moped.....maybe 50cc.

It's not a Whizzer...I've seen those. My bike is most likely a european make under an american title.


Re: Western Flyer (Photo)


Can you manage to post a photo? I know we can figure out what you've got.

At least I got to post a few cool "whizzer" pics--!

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