cleaning exhaust

I've got a mobylette and I'd like to clean the exhaust pipe. How do I go about doing this ?

RE: cleaning exhaust

It depends what kind of carbon deposits are inside the exhaust.

First of all you have to take the exhaust off and remove the mufflers from the exhaust if it has any, place the exhaust on the ground on top of some old newspapers.

If the carbondeposits inside are solid and dry you should pour some gasoline (not an oilmix!) into the exhaust and lite it, the gasoline will ignite and the explosive force will shatter the carbonlayer on the inside of the exhaust. You may have to do this a couple of times to get all of the carbon loose. You can now shake out the crumbles of carbon and refit the exhaust.

If the carbondeposits inside are like a black goo you should seal off al of the openings on the exhaust with cellophane foil (or something like it) except for one opening. Pour thinner into the exhaust (fill up the exhaust to about one quarter) and seal off the last opening. Now shake the whole thing for about 5 to 10 minutes and then pour the dirt out of the exhaust. You may have to do this again if there was too much carbon for the thinner to get loose. Now refit the exhaust.

RE: cleaning exhaust

How much gas should I pour into the exhaust pipe ?

RE: cleaning exhaust

also a torch works pretty well for burning away the carbon..

RE: cleaning exhaust

i got a paint stripping heat gun and stuck that in my clogged up pipe that started the oil burning and cleaned it up a treat, the inside was glowing and smoke was pouring out of it but aferwards it was oil and carbon free.

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