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hey there,

i have a 1966 honda 90cc that looks exactly like the super cub add you have in your photos. i was just wondering if that is a moped. and also if anyone knew how much it might be worth, it's in really good condition and runs good.

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HEY! I'm a big Honda fourstroke oldtimer fan! I know a lot about them. In Japan the Honda C (or Cub) is a motorcycle, even the 50cc models. In the rest of the world the 50cc's are mopeds and the 70 and 90cc's are Motorcycles (!but mostly illegally uptuned mopeds!). The Honda C is a fourstroke moped, wich means it runs at least 140 miles to the gallon !! A well serviced C90 can reach speeds up to 80 Mph. If the Honda C is still technically perfect and looks good it's worth about $2000 where I live (Holland). In Holland the Honda C is still quite common and because it's very rare in the US it COULD be worth a lot more over there. If the frame is rusted, the engine doesn't run and it looks like SH*T it's still worth $200 to $300. If this bike runs good and looks good you should NOT sell it. You should keep it and make sure it stays running good and looking good because these oldtimers have not been made anymore for 20 years and are already wanted collectors items. In a couple of years it will be worth more and it's price is only going to go up! Besides all that the Honda fourstrokes made 25 years ago still outperform most new 2-strokes in speed, accelleration and driving comfort. If it's still good you really should hang on to it because you'll never have a bike like that again.

If you want to see pictures of other Honda fourstroke mopeds you should check out my website

My site is in Dutch but that shouldn't be a big problem, the pictures aren't hard to find. On the main page you'll see a picture of my 1974 Honda SS50 (looking good!), click it and you'll go to the picturepage. On that page you'll mainly see the Honda SS50, C50, CD50, CB50, ZB50, ST50 and some others. Also a couple of modified and customized Honda's like a completely choppered-up ST50 (Dax), the homemade exhausts are fun to see too.

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cool, thank you very much.

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kevin harding /

Do you have an e-mail address for honda?

I need information on the history of the bike, styles, economy etc.

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Honda Trail 90's are really expensive here in Washington State. My sister-in-law just bought a '78 for $1000 and that was considered a good deal. For the sixties models, i've seen them priced around $600 to $1000 or so, depending on condition.

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yeah, those old honda strep through motorcycles are the shit. A 90cc is considered a motorcycle in the US, by the way.

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merlin311 /

also as are the 70s...i think they're the best bike to buy if you want something little and don't want to modify it.cuz they go fast enough for around town and have good accelleration.

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I was really impressed with the Trail 90. Actually I'm very impressed with all the older Hondas I've been dealing with lately.

If I become a total sissy, maybe I'll get a Metropolitan....

then again, maybe not.

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merlin311 /

i love all the hondas we have around here.

a 81 passport all orig 1500miles yellow

a 69 honda 90 with dual range trans(prolly 60-70mph top speed have'nt tryed anything over 50 with knobbies)

a 67 sl90 not running awaiting a new piston and rings.

those are my friends bikes.

i have

a 80 passport current restoration project needs alot of work

a 72 c70 cub 1500 orig miles goes 50mph the speedo says 60 but i dont think its that quick.tons of acceleration though and torque

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