hey all,

ok my bike is haveing this lil problem. its a 92 tomos targa w/ a bore kit on it. ok when im accelerating on the bike first gear goes by with no problem but then if im on a hill after first gear it hits second then i will give it more gas to get up the hill and it starts to ping violently. if i give it a lil less gas it stops. or if i pull the choke it almost stops but after 20 miles an hour it stops all together. now if i accelerate with quater throttle it doesnt do it at all but at low speeds if i slam the gas it pings. i tried the timing plate in the advance position the retarded position and the normal and everywhere in bettween. this bike has a point and condensor ignition. oh and this problem only happens when the bike is fully warm. i run it with premium gasoline and 100% synthetic oil at a 4 oz per gallon ratio.please help...i dont want any harm coming to this 800 dollar bike!

Re: pinging!

gimmyjimmy /

that sounds like a timing problem mike, but you said you checked that already,

did you check for the correct points gap before you checked timing?

Re: pinging!

Ron Brown /


Check the timing and make sure it is within spec.


Re: pinging!

the pinging might be your reedvalve, you might have a bad fuel to air ratio

Re: pinging!

Mike,I'd try a plug chop to make sure you're jetted right,and also make sure your exhaust is not restricted.Also,you could try a colder plug.

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