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I dunno, Toehead. Seems like there are posters stirring up shit, and responders stirring up shit. I've been guilty of both at one time or another. It's fun sometimes... I guess if you get bored with the thread, skip it and go to the next one.



yeah. Not too many people are bored by this thread. It's massive.


TOEHEAD... I don't 100% agree with your post.. my grandfather passed away yesturday and I am finding this post a rather intresteing one to read and laugh at and it has halped me tremendiously get my mind off him passing away.

Jim.. I live in north florida/south georgia region.. heat index was 104 last week almost all week.. I bet our climates are about the same. But 15 bucks for renting an electric moped sounds like fun!

oh and that cops issue was awesome.. have you seen the one about the lowndes county cops... and how tough they are.. I live in lowdes county... we have a shit load of cops here.. in valdosta the town im from there are alot of presects.. listen ill list them

1 GA state patrol

2 Valdosta City Police Dept.

3. VSU.. valdosta state university

4. Remerton PD (small 3 block city within our city)

5. Lowndes county Sherif Dept.

6. Moody Air Force Base Police

all have full jurisdiction over most of our county and city...

I think our small town has like 75,000 pop...

I can drive 3 blocks and see 2 diffren't cops at any area of town in any time of day.

what about hte buik?

Hey.. Is this just an old southern ignorance problem.. or are there people in your area that can't say buik.. and call them brew`icks too? I haven`t figured it out...


Hi Toehead,

Whenever I read a post that I find blasphemous I usually don't respond but I sure get a kick out of those that do! I'm sure some members of this forum got a kick out of the insults that were flapping back n forth. I'm a contentious bastard (as you probably noticed) that likes to raise ideas that raise controversy.

Having that said, anyone ever try one of these electric Voloci's? Has anyone ever heard of them? They compare to a Yamaha Razz or equivalent in power and acceleration. I paid a pretty penny for one but I'm in love with it. Just wish it had a farther range :(


No, i can't say I have tried an electric moped. What's the top speed?


Mine goes about 29 on flat ground, 20 on semi-steep hills and 40+ down a nice steep hill. I would ultimately like it to go about 35 mph on the flats. At least then I could keep up with most traffic without having some 3-ton fire breathing SUV on my ass. Is it just me, or do SUV drivers' seem to be the biggest assholes on the road. The operators seem to be either stupid chicks that could barely manuever a Honda CRX or egomaniacal vile males.


But SUV drivers are SO MUCH FUN to annoy. And it's SO EASY to do.


Ron Brown /

Yes...and not only are you in it about 12 times, but while picking on Jim for wasting bandwidth, you managed to use way more words than him.

Are you a pot or a kettle?


Re: I give up






Jim C.

Re: 2-strokes = really bad for environment

Jamie Leonard /

Actually from the info I found (which looks fairly reasonable) mopeds are not great, but aren't as bad as are being pictured (certainly not as bad as lawnmowers and such) - the figures I found (check the thread called "mopeds and pollution) seem to suggest that compared to a new car, a moped will put out about 4-5 times the amount of emissions in SOME categories... which isn't great, but hardly the 50-75 times people have claimed.

And when you take into account that they do burn much less fuel on average (gasoline puts all kinds of nasty emissions out during the refining process, waste gases are burned into the atmosphere, and petroleum is burned to heat the crude during the refining process as well), and that they take a hue amount less plastics and steel (steel refining puts sulfur, N2O, etc into the air... per ton of steel you might get something more than the total WEIGHT of your moped in highly toxic emissions)

Plus this is presuming you are driving a modern car.. anyone driving a car made before the early eighties will be putting out 4 times the nasty emissions of any moped.

Given that the average moped takes 1.1 riders, and the average car takes 1.7 riders (most cars carrying only one passenger) - they don't appear to be quite as bad as you would expect. In fact, when you look at the resources consumed to produce a car, how much of the car remains unrecycled/toxic after the lifespan of the car, how mopeds take up less space in traffic which reduces traffic congestion and traffic jams (which result in hundreds of cars sitting there idling and putting out emissions without even moving), do virtually no road damage, and generally use and leak lesser amounts of things like ATF/hydraulic fluid, air conditioning coolants, engine coolants (antifreeze added to the radiator), crankcase oil, etc etc etc.... its not nearly so cut and dried as people make out.

This being said, the ideal situation no doubt is to design a better moped - already apparently underway in some countries (india has a push on for this) - to add catalytic converters which can reduce emissions up to 38 percent without signifigantly affecting power, or look for alternative power sources (electric isn't there yet in range, power, or expense... mostly the problem being the batteries I suspect. But this could change when fuel cell technology matures in the hopefully very short term future)

Just thought I'd chip in on this thread.



I wasn'picking on anybody for wasting bandwidth. Where did I say that?J im wrote speeches too, and I wrote paragraphs.

Re: How do i make my moped go faster?

Have you tried tossing it off a cliff?



Re: How do i make my moped go faster?

Jamie Leonard /

That'd undoubtably help the acceleration, but I suspect it might lose a bit of top end... and bottom end... and sides.... ;)

Re: How do i make my moped go faster?

This works best with a one-stroke: Compression only.

Re: How do i make my moped go faster?

Jamie Leonard /

What do you want to bet if you tossed a moped off a cliff there'd STILL be an SUV 3 inches from the rear mudguard, hoking impatiently and trying to pass the entire way down?

Re: How do i make my moped go faster?

Cool! Then I would pull my parachute release (attached to my ped) and kiss that bastard gooooood bye!

Re: Quotes from Jim

Brad c cool /

good call man, I have been reading all the posts on this topic for an hour now....... I am glad to see that this argument has come to an end, I am happy riding my lil Tomos Targa arround the neiborhood, without worrying about the pollution it emits altho I am sure it'z a pretty large amount.....oh yeah....the conversations on this one topic on the post have changed so much......if you all are gonna shift from economy to seized engines, to living on a small picking on other people'z opinions.......make a new topic....or dont type it.

reading all of yalz posts has been interesting!

Re: Taunting

My best friend is also a mutual friend of several other of my friends. One day we were talking about the kid, and we decided that, in most social situations you would be better off with an untrained monkey than "Jared".

There were too many reasons that a trained monkey would outperform Jared, so we decided that the untrained monkey would give Jared a fair chance.

His nickname is now "monkey", and when he stumbles up a flight of stairs or yells out a car window or leaves his bookbag on the roof of his car and drives away..... We know it's pretty close to an untrained monkey.

I get flak from them, because I'm short, stout, and bald. When we play PGA tour, I have to be Craig Stadler, and they name and call me Fatty.

In turn, I give them crap, because one of them is a Male Model... I quote "Zoolander" and warn them that they just might die in a "freak-accident-gasoline-fight-fire situation..."

I wonder, aloud, if "there must be more to life than stunning features and chiseled abs... nah...."

Taunting and bickering are different, but equally fun. I had an english fellow I worked with, I was the gopher at a auto AC repair/install place.

All day long this English guy, dave, would bicker with me--- if I said I liked Janis Joplin, he'd say she was a drugged out floozie (but leave it on the oldies station thay played Janis 3 times a day)

He was trying to bicker, so I got a book on slang, and read lots of british slang. "do you want some crisps, dave?" I tried to be smooth at the rhyming slang, but being American, never quite 'hit' the mark.

"That's a shiny piece of glass..."

"Want some bread and bits?"

For awhile, someone had told me dave was actually Scottish.... for about a month, I was "on him" about caber tossing, kilts, haggis, getting pushed around by the brits.... He LET me keep doing it--- I was so mad when I found out he wasn't Scottish.

Anyway, I don't think I taunted the fellow who had a tank full of water and was making everyone 'jump through hoops' to help him get his moped running. I ought to go look that thread up, and give him a good 'working over'.

Don-Ohio was a fun guy to 'tool' on.... cause he'd come right back with it.

I have an extra PC monitor, and it works fine. maybe we should all start mailing PC parts to Don--- I'm sure he'll be able to get 'em going. I even have a working PC, w/no cd drive--- so you can't install anything without running from a network.

Anyway, I taunt my friends, they taunt back.... I was good friends with Dave the English guy, but If I was going swimming at a friends pool, i was suddenly "Jacques Cousteau". This post IS moped related, because I said "Puch" in front of him, and never heard the end of it.

"now, go away, or I shall taunt you a second time..."

John Cleese (as a french garrison leader)

Monty Python and the H.G.

Re: Taunting

david f martin /



Re: I give up

Uhhh, What's your EXACT address, anyway, Jim? :o)

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