Houston, we have a problem...

Ben Proctor /

This is kind of a weird situation. So far, i've been able to fix the few problems that I've had with my 1976 Moto Guzzi Robin. Most of my troubles were with the carburator when i first got it out of my grandma's basement. Otherwise, it's in perfect shape. However, the pedals have, essentially, fallen apart. They're constructed using simple nuts and bolts. The bolts, double ended, run inside the rubber footing of the pedal apparatus. The nuts hold the two pegs together to the pedal arm. However, most of the nuts backed off and were ost in mid-ride. So my pedals are falling off. At first, I though, "Gee, well that's easy to fix." So I drove down to my local hardware store with one of the pedal pegs trying to find a nut that would fit it. After much procrastination, my search came to an inconclusive end. Neither metric nor standard fits the damn thing.

So right now, i have the old, reliable, duct tape put to good use. But it still pisses me off, and i was wondering if anybody knew where I could find this illusive nut. I need about 8 of them.

Thanks, Ben

Re: Houston, we have a problem...

Try a good bicycle shop. The longer they have been in business, the better chance they may have parts squirreled away for these old style pedals.

Nowadays pedals are riveted together and are unserviceable. Worse yet they are the one piece plastic numbers you see on kid's bikes.


Re: Houston, we have a problem...

Why can't you just unscrew the pedal, off the pedal arm?

Re: Houston, we have a problem...

Ron Brown /


If these are original pedals, they are definitely metric nuts, besides a bicycle shop, auto parts or motor cycle shops may help. If all of that fails, try to find a place that specialises in fasteners, possibly on the web.

Don't give up.


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