Old Moped (Photo)


This is an awesome link. Wow-- Really a great moped resource, and it mentions a magazine called "Buzzing" which seems to be a moped publication. Here's a great old pic I found there.


Awesome link (Hey Simon)


I didn't see if this was listed in the resources section. Have you checked this page out? it is an amazing moped resource. You may have it linked already-- I want to siphon the whole site link and burn a CD with all the info linked for offline browsing.

I don't have time to look at all the sub-links, but they seem to be worth a look.

Re: Old Moped (Photo)

Ron Brown /


You are right, this is outstanding and it looks like a work in progress which will only get better.


Re: Old Moped (Photo)

I have over 40 pages of Solex info from there. Other makes probably have more.


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