60cc kit?

My dad won't let me upgrade my moped to a 70cc kit...He says it's to dangerous...Oh well...So Im getting a 60cc kit for my tomos targa lx...With the stock pipe, how fast will it go? What about if I buy the biturbo pipe with the kit?

Re: 60cc kit?

Disributors actually recalled most of the 70 cc kits because of quality problems so a 60 cc kit is probably a better solution just now until the 70 cc kit problems are resolved.

Most people buy the kit with the Bi Turbo. I think your results may vary. I would expect you could get 37-45 with this kit. Make sure you brakes and tires are in good shape. You should also expect better hill climbing perfomance with the upgrade.

Re: 60cc kit?

you cant put the stok pipe on the 60cc kit, without heating the pipe with a torch. Your a lot better off gettin that pipe, otherwise the kit wont perfrom nearly as well, and it will bolt right up.

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