Another Oldy

I don't know if you've noticed... but none of these bikes so far have had any front brakes.

Musta been veddy skeddy to stop some times.

This bike was sold the year the Panama Canal opened.

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Re: Another Oldy

Where do you get these pics Fred?

Re: Another Oldy

1914 was the first year of floorboards and one of the last year of single cylinders before they went to the v-twin,and Crisis, the front brake didnt arrive on a Harley until 1929 model JDH the 1914 model was also the first with rear drum brake instead of coaster (bicycle) brakes it was 34.5 ci or 565 cc and put out a whopping 4.5 horsepower it would go 50mph and it was 290 bucks.. Rog

Re: Another Oldy

You'd have been so busy pumping oil into the motor with the hand pump on the tank that you wouldn't have noticed you about ready to plow into the back of that Model-T until it was too late. Lack of a front brake wouldn't'a been an issue!

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