Targa Electrical Problems

My Tomoa Targa runs great but I have a problem with the electrical system that I cant figure out.

1. Head light is dim even at full speed. When the head light is dim, the tail light and brake lights work fine BUT the Blinkers do not work.

2. Sometimes the head light functions normally and when that happens everything works fine.

Im stumped. I have check all the wiring for visual shorts and have found no problems.

Any tips on what to try would be appreciated. I dont have a local dealer to assist me and Targa wont call back.

Thanks, Jeff

Re: Targa Electrical Problems

does it have a battery?

Re: Targa Electrical Problems

i sugest getting a new headlight bulb. you wont find it at a track auto. only at a tomos dealer or parts store or whatever. but is seems like the filament is loose inside the bulb making is short sometimes. and no there is no battery on a tomos


Re: Targa Electrical Problems

I had the same problem with the bulb on my tomos. You can get a good bulb from mopedwarehouse.com They have a few different ones on their site that I couln't find any where else.


Re: Targa Electrical Problems

I didn't think they had a battery, but who knows what people add to their peds.

Re: Targa Electrical Problems

Hey There, you have a connection problem, with it running, lights on, gently move the wires on the headlight, also, brown is ground (-) The brake light gets its juice from a dirrerant source than the headlight. Doug D.---- Merry Christmas

Re: Targa Electrical Problems

My new bike has a headlight issue-- I'm going to figure it out as soon as I get a little workshop set up in the cellar.

I'm keeping my eye on this thread, and if I get any new info I'll ask or post--

It's a 1992 TOMOS-- apparently, the headlight doesn't work at all. I'm going to remove my blinkers anyway--- see if that's why it's shorting.

Does anyone have a gascap they want to sell? Or donate to the 'cause' I'll pay shipping-- they're only around 10 bucks, so I can prolly afford to get a new one just after X-mas.

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