what type of oil?

I own a 1978 batavus intercycle and i was wondering what type of oil to mix with the gas? thanks

RE: what type of oil?

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You will want to use two stroke oil. It should be available at you local service station, or where ever chainsaws or other two stroke powered equipment is sold.

Start by mixing the amount of oil reccomended on the gas cap. Modern two stroke oils are improved since the 70's, and if you get a LOT of smoking, or plug fouling is more frequent than once a week, you might try a little less oil in the mix. Do not use less than the oil manufacturer recomends ever! Be aware if you are new to two stroke engines that a certain amount of smoke (especially when taking off from a stop or pulling a steep hill) is normal, and indicates a good mix. The spark plug should be a darkish tan color on the electrodes. A very light tan or whiteish color means you don't have enough oil. This oil is the only lubrication to the piston and crankshaft, so it is vital to have enough. Better too much than not enough. It costs less to clean a fouled plug than to replace a toasted engine.

RE: what type of oil?


I wasn't quite shure if there was a type of synthetic moped oil or what, thanks for the advice

RE: what type of oil?

Gots ta.

While fussing around with oils trying to figure out which was the best, I discovered that there are different types of oil involved.

Regular 2 stroke oil that you find in the oil section of the local Gas Station/Store, is likely to be formulated to work in engines that either run at idle or full out. This kind of oil would be like Outboard engine oil, which by the way is bio-degradable for use in lakes and rivers, or Universal 2 stroke oil for chainsaws, leaf blowers, and such. These are fine for Mopeds, but are not really formulated to work in the Motorcycle dept.

If you can't get any other kind of oil at all, then you can use regular Motor Oil that you pour into the crank case of your car. DO THIS ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY. This kind of oil is not formulated to burn, and will soon destroy your engine with fouling. Your options should be "run without oil, or add motor oil" before you take this extreme measure.

The best kind of oil to add to your Moped is found in Cycle Shops, and Auto Parts Stores, and is labled, "For use with Motorcycles, Scooters, and ATV's." Regular Dirt Bike type oil works, but I find it a little heavy to use effectively.

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