Some cheap - A** saddlebags

hey,I had a shipping coupon for this outfit so I ordered some winter gear,glove liners, etc.... and they are selling sets of Swiss bread bags 2 for $ 5.97... I just got them today, they are heavy canvas with inner pockets.. gonna make some moped saddlebags for cheap ! Each bag looks like it will hold a pair of shoes, but not big enough for a heavy jacket. Gonna put my lunch and my extras in them :)

Re: Some cheap - A** saddlebags

Can you post a pic of them please? I have been looking for some cheap saddle bags for months. Thanks.


more cheap saddle bags

Here's a picture of some more cheap saddle bags. They are $13 each and fold against the side of your scooter or moped when not in use. They are wald model 582 folding baskets in case you want to do a search on the net for them. They attach with 2 simple automotive hose clamps.

Re: more cheap saddle bags

pic here ...hopefully


Re: more cheap saddle bags

Man! under seat storage, back box, side bags (cages) and a trailer, ? how much stuff do you tote around with you??? nice scoot though!

Re: Some cheap - A** saddlebags

gimmyjimmy /

i've shopped there before, alot of cool military surplus stuff.

I got my kid a tough swiss army backpack for a school bookbag, it's durable and waterproof.

Re: Some cheap - A** saddlebags

Ok, let me try to post a pic of them

LX1M - 49246 - 2 Swiss Mil. Bread Bags

$ 5.97


Saddlebags ($99.00) (photo)

Click above to enlarge image

Bean's Deluxe Touring Panniers

The best value in bicycle panniers. These have a large capacity, with numerous pockets, for longer trips. Easy top-load design. Compression straps keep loads secure and provide attachment for flashing safety light. Heavy-duty packcloth. Reflective material for visibility. Numerous pockets. Rigid back panel provides support for heavy loads. Attach quickly to bike rack. Hood adjusts to varying load sizes. Includes a removable fanny pack for off-bike excursions. Comes with shoulder strap. 17"H x 11"L x 4"D. Capacity 1,200 cu. in. per pannier. Sold in pairs. Wt. 4 lb. 10 oz. per pair. Imported.


Re: Some cheap - A** saddlebags

hey! those are great! i was just at the motorcycle shop today looking for saddlebags (and they cost more than i have spent on my moped altogether!)... just ordered 2 sets... thanks!


Re: Some cheap - A** saddlebags

Yeah, those look sweet, and for 6 bucks....shit. :) I can't wait until mine get here!

Re: Some cheap - A** saddlebags

Hi There, how about some order info, I would like a set of those. Doug D.

Re: Some cheap - A** saddlebags

Hi Doug

I posted the info already...

website is -

item number and description

LX1M - 49246 - 2 Swiss Mil. Bread Bags

$ 5.97

I thought I would try them out while I was already ordering some winter gear, glove liners, pants,etc...their balacavas are great for mopeding on a frosty morning too

Re: Saddlebags ($99.00) (photo)

These are perfect for stereo and amp, horns or other add-ons.. Expensive, but really quality, They need slight mods to attach to a moped, but nothing complex.

I've had a pair of them, by LL bean, but an earlier bag with less features that was 40.00 for two. they lasted 5 years on a mountain bike, and 3 years on the moped(s). the bag survived the accident I was in, and it still has a working stereo in it.

not exactly cheap, but a really nice all around-cycle bag.

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