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I've got an early 70's mobylette and I've been experimenting with the ratio. It calls for 25:1 but I started using a synthetic ashless oil so should I make the ratio leaner?

RE: mobylette ratio

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see my reply to "what type of oil..." just above your posting. The answer is you can use a leaner mixture, but lean it out slowly(a little less at each fillup) and NEVER use a leaner mixture than the oil manufacturer recommends.

RE: mobylette ratio

If you can't use a leaner mixture than what the oil manufacturer recommends, can you use a richer mixture than recommended ? For example, the bottle of oil says to use it in mixtures between 32 and 50. Can you use it for a 25:1 mixture ?

RE: mobylette ratio

You could ...but i wouldn't.... I mix everything at 43 to 1 .....which is very easy if you live in the US because its 3 ounces of oil to each gallon..... I would not mix it at 25 to 1 just because the old instructions for that old moped say so, the oils are better now , so go leaner....... I race 2 stroke motorcycles all the time..... Anything between 25 to 1 and 50 to 1 will work, but you will foul more spark plugs and spew more smoke running the rich mixture, so if you want to run it 25 to 1 always keep a new spark plug and wrench somewhere on the bike so it doesn't leave you stranded.

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