Mother of all Mopeds (after)

Here is a pic of my 1948 Whizzer WZ after!! After a year and a half and more money than i care to admit, this is the finished product! I tried to save every piece possible to keep as much originality as possible. It has the original fenders, tank, engine, front and rear brake and original rear belt pulley. This bike had saddle bags when new. I have not been able to find any original bags in decent condition. I done all the work on this bike except the paint job.It is the original Maroon and Cream with red pinstripes hand painted like the original.


Re: Mother of all Mopeds (after)

Ike,I want to see that when I come over!That's beautiful!How many dollars and hours did that take? WOW!

Re: Mother of all Mopeds (after)


I worked on this bike for about a year and a half. I did most of the work at work! I have a job where i have a lot of time to sit around and not do much. I would take a piece at a time until i finally got it ready to paint. I even took the engine to work with me and took it apart and bead blasted all the external parts. I had the chrome parts done at P&G plating in Cincinnati. I had to buy new rims and spokes.

You are right Don, parts for these bike are pretty easy to get. But original NOS stuff ain`t cheap. I sent the cylinder to a guy in California and had it bored and a new piston. A guy in Morrow Ohio ground the crank for me. I bought some new parts from Ebay.

Ok Don, i am looking forward to meeting you!



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I saw Ike's Whizzer when we went up there to his moped shop. The picture does not do this bad boy justice. It is by far, the most beutiful moped that I have ever seen. You should have seen our faces (Me, Casey, Sims), when Ike opened that door to show us his treasure! Our jaws dropped! This Whizzer even has it's own bedroom in Ike's house! It is in mint, mint condition. Ike has got the skills to pay the bills, that's for sure!


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gimmyjimmy /

Damn nice job, Ike

Put it in some bike shows, you'll win...and alot of other people will enjoy seeing it too.

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Awesome, totally tubular, Knawly Dude. Translated form Californiaese;

"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever".

I nominate Ike for Best Moped Restoration of the Year.

Re: Mother of all Mopeds (after)


Re: Mother of all Mopeds (after)


A labor of love on a work of art!

Although there are reproduction Whizzers out there today, they can't carry an original's crankcase drainings across the street.

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Iseen 2 of those bikes at a place called dons hot rod shop in goshen ohio. Its on the corner of old st rt28 and goshen rd. those bikes are to nice.

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incredible difference from before and after!

damn fine job!

Re: Mother of all Mopeds (after)

Walker, where you do live? We might be neighbors!!!!

Re: Mother of all Mopeds (after)

Ike, Walker is part of the cincinnati branch. We just couldn't get him to wake up early enough to come out to your place with us.


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Folks,I saw this bike when I stopped by Ike's bikes on my way to Florida.WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MACHINE !! Way to go,Ike! And that helmet fits Weston perfectly,along with it's bubble and visor.He's glad to have it.I had to come back by the scenic route,Ike,so I couldn't stop by.I mopeded all over Florida and the Keys.I'm still wanting those 17" tires so please E-mail me total cost including shipping,O.K.?Thanks.

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