Worn clutch plate

I have a rare moped called the Odyssey made in 1977 by a company called Solo kleinmotoren GMBH in Germany. The clutch plate on it is too worn to work - so the engine will not engage. I have not been able to find any site online that sells parts for this moped.The clutch plate is round with a large cut out hole in the center, and teeth along the outer edge. Are there any other mopeds that use this same clutch plate? Or is there anything that I can use in place of the worn plate? Any info would be helpfull.

RE: Worn clutch plate

Are you sure your ped has a plate-clutch? It looks like a ped with a block-clutch. You should try if the Vespa Ciao/Piaggio clutch fits, it's very cheap and it's easy to install or renew the blocks on it. An alternative to a clutch is a variator, it gives lots of extra power but is expensive. If your ped does have a plate-clutch it may be a good idea to check out Kreidler and Zundapp, these are very good German mopeds. Kreidler even has the speed world record with 50cc's.

RE: Worn clutch plate

How does a block clutch work and what does it look like? Also, what is a variator?How does it work and where can I buy one?

RE: Worn clutch plate

The block-clutch has brake-blocks held inside a cilynder with springs. When the revs rise the centrifugal forces stretch out the springs and the blocks get grip on the cilynder. How the variator works exactly I don't know. It allows the engine to run steady at the revs where you have the most power, it works like a CVT. You can buy the block-clutch in any mopedstore, most peds use block-clutches in stead of plate-clutches. Plate-clutches are better though. You can buy a variator at stores with racingparts, I believe Polini has a good variator. Most modern scooters like the DJ Kymco have variators. Try the Vespa dealer.

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