Mother of all mopeds! (befor)

Here is a pic of my 1948 Whizzer WZ! Befor!!! When i found this bike it had been sitting in a shed with a dirt floor for 35 years!! It had sunk in the ground and the front wheel was rusted in half!! The wheel in the pic is not the original. But i still have it!


Re: Mother of all mopeds! (befor)

Hey,that's neato,Ike! Say ,I bet you could restore that thing because there's Whizzer clubs out there with a lot of info..Well,Ike! It looks like we ARE gonna go on vacation in a coupla days,so I'll let you know when I'm coming to pick up that helmet.I'll be in a Green Aerostar extended van with gold trimmed running boards,just in case you see me aimlessly driving about,like Don Quixote tilting at driveways and mailboxes.I'm sure I'll find you all right though.I've got a ton of stuff I have to do today if I wanna leave by tomorrow.I wanted to fix a few things on my Sebring(speedo)and blower wheel on my other Sebring,but I may be crammed badly for time.I'll call before I come! See ya'!

Re: Mother of all mopeds! (befor)

Ike! Miguel is gonna love you for this! He can't stand it when a `ped is abandoned.So catch him while he's in a good mood and sell him something! (;>)

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