1980 Puch "Newport II"

Just purchased a Puch "Newport II". It's running now after some carburator cleaning. Would like to know more about it. Is it the same as the "Maxi"?

What is the engine displacement? Where can I get and operators manual and service manual?


RE: 1980 Puch "Newport II"

The Puch Newport is the Cadillac of Mopeds. It was built beefier with more chrome than the Maxi's. It is a 49cc engine. I have a 1978 Puch Newport. You are one of the lucky few. One word of advice if you haven't done it already - change the sparkplug.

RE: 1980 Puch "Newport II"

Bob / MopedsOnline.Com /

There is a difference with the Puch Maxi, and Newport, but not much. The Newport uses the "Hi-Torque" cylinder and head, while the Maxi's uses the standard. We have manuals available online, but we have just received approval to become a distributor from the publisher, and are taking orders now to make our first order. There is a minimum order that we have to place, so we have a waiting list for them. Just about ready to make that order soon.



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