the New equivalent of those old bikes

This is the new version of the old Whizzer brand "moped" or motorcycle made long ago.

<IMG src="">

They are for sale for $1500 brand new right now.

As I remember.. they do around 30 mph stock... and can be 'uncorked' to do near 40.

Here are the engine/tranny specs.


Aluminum 123 cc 4 stroke Single Cylinder Side-valve

1.5 Horse Power

Cylinder steel sleeve

CDI electronic ignition

12 volt electrical system

Fuel Tank - 1.2 gal.

120 miles per gallon

Oil capacity - 8 oz.


Belt drive, primary with slip clutch

Bicycle chain and pedal system

They are a reproduction of the original Whizzer produced in Pontiac MI around 1950.

Re: the New equivalent of those old bikes

For some reason,Fred,the pic isn't showing.

Whizzer pics

That other pic didn't work.

This is a pic of the old ones

<IMG src="">

Here is a new one.

<IMG src="">

Re: Whizzer pics

Ouch,Fred! That seat! I'll bet that little bag on the back had linament or salve in it.Nice pics though.I just missed a bike kit on e-bay a while back that was more of a Cruzzer copy(chain drive),but it resembled that one.They are going for around 350.00.

Re: the New equivalent of those old bikes

gimmyjimmy /


Who is producing the Whizzer now, Whizzer?

too bad they didn't keep the girder front end, but the new one looks like it has spring loaded lower legs......and they could have done a better job of hiding some of those wires and cables.

still a cool repro though, i'd like having one.

Re: the New equivalent of those old bikes

They are made in Taiwan. Someone bought the Whizzer name and went into production. There was a fued between between some people in the Company and there was a split, and anther bike came on the scene called "Cruzzer" which was built in the same plant in Taiwan. I don`t know all the details about the split but the bikes are identicle. In my opinion, these bikes are real bargains. They run great and ride smoothe. They are a lot cheaper now than when they first came out. I just sold one with 47 miles on it for $1000.00, but you can find them still in the box for less than that!!

Whizzer made a bike called a Pacemaker that had a fork very much like the Repo.

They also made a 20 inch version called Sportsman which had a kick start motor. I recently sold just the engine from one of these for $1, 500.00 !!! The Sportsmann is also being reproduced.

Re: Not a moped in CA.

Unfortunately, the 123 C.C. engine makes them a "motor-driven cycle" in California. This means you have to register them annually at about 40 bucks per.

A moped (50 C.C. max) is registerd for as long as you own it for $5.00.

If I had a choice between a new Whizzer/Cruzzer and an old Honda CB125, guess which one I'd pick..



gimmyjimmy /

depends on your wallet..

Taiwan made?

do you use taiwan made tools in your shop?...

my experience with products and tools from there (taiwan) is not well received.

you still have a bitchin (real) Whizzer though, thats the nicest restoration i've seen in a while........any taiwan parts?


Re: Not a moped in CA.

Jim, it is 50cc in most of the states.

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