Old Harley.... (with pedals)

psssssst... (its not reeally a moped)

Looks like his drive belt might need a little tightening....

<IMG src="http://home.planet.nl/~motors-20th-century/normal/HD-1907.jpg">

I have about 3 more pedal equipped turn of the century motorcycles to show.

Re: Old Harley.... (with pedals)

why's it not a moped? or am i opening a can of worms again ... either way ... awesome pics.

Re: Old Harley.... (with pedals)

Its just a technicality of words... By old terminilogy they were known as motorcycles... but by everything but the 50cc limit sometimes applied to modern mopeds... it IS a moped.

Thats why I am putting them on here... pedals.

And we all get to see the old technology that our grandparents (or great grandparents) saw as the machinery of the day.

I just realized something... I said "the belt needs tightening"... but it doesn't... that long lever that is covering the second 'D' in Davidson... pulls on the other lever... which tightens up that idler pulley in front of the rear wheel... which tightens the belt and makes the bike start to go.

Except the fact that they are worth so much... it would be so cool to ride around on one of these old things.

Re: Old Harley.... (with pedals)

Fred,my great-grandaddy was born around 1848.He didn't have any pedals.Just a horse.My great-great grandaddy was born in 1786.HE told HIS son to stick to horses,I'm sure.Now my Grandaddy could've ridden one of those things,`cause he was born in 1886.But the onliest one in my family tree that WOULD'VE rode one of those things was my `blacksheep' Uncle,Aarvid,and he woulda' been stoned when he got on it.The Kentucky villagers mighta' stoned him,too.I was just sittin' here imaginin' (or hallucinatin')about what my Great-great or great GrandPappy would have thought of one of those things. (:>)

Re: Old Harley.... (with pedals)

I still want you to give me your best guess as to when the last time you used an acetylene lantern ......was.

Its great that you know the birth years of your predecessors.

Re: Old Harley.... (with pedals)

I would say 10 yrs.ago,Fred.Probably camping,not coon hunting.But they are good lights and batteries back then weren't great as you well know.You got a soft glow off them instead of a beam.I'll bet I can still locate one down here.I do remember that the last one I saw for sale had a plastic base(cannister).Of course,nowadays how can you beat a coleman lantern for throwing light cheap and for a long time? I'll tell you,Fred.If you knew my Kentucky Family,you would've been tickled at that reminiscing.`Course I wouldn't want Dad to know I called his elder brother a `blacksheep'.He might skin me yet!Dad's 83 yrs.old.Your post just had gotten me thinkin' about those old guys.Grandpa Ruggles was a small,wirey,tough `ol man.I knew him `til I was 17 yrs.old.I used to get a kick out of watchin' him mow his small yard in Kentucky.He was so full of energy that he didn't mow with strategy.He was as haphazard about it as he could be.He'd dive that mower in and out,like he was in a race.(80yrs.old).Bein' a small guy,he gave me a gem of wisdom one day I've never forgotten.We were talking about fighting I guess,at the dinner table with a bunch of relatives looking on,and he said to me:`Donny.......ALWAYS remember..............a GOOD run is better than a BAD stand'.And everybody roared `cause we imagined little Grandpa had learned that the hard way.He was a heck of a good guy.

Re: Old Harley.... (with pedals)

Great story, Don!

My father says his dad back in Mexico had one of those belt drive Harleys. The only problem with the flat belt was when you hit water, you'd just sit there spinning the belt as it slipped on the wet pulley!

miguel, it's not a can of worms you're opening. Just that back then if it was a "cycle" and had a motor, it was MOTORCYCLE.


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