Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

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Watched Irving Berlins "White Christmas" again this past week.

Keep yer supermodels, Vera Ellen Westmeyer-Rohe is one serious babe, legs to die for, to watch her dance is visual poetry, wow.

They sure don't make em like they used to.

I just felt obligated to say that.


p.s.- (Vera Ellen plays the Character "Mandy")


Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

I'm more of a Betty Page kind of guy-

Or, perhaps, Lydia Lunch...

Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

Edith Head who was an Oscar award winning costume designer for many of the famous movie stars said Vera Ellen had a perfect body. I only work on mopeds but I agree with you and Edith.

Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

wayne! haha, im SO with you on lydia lunch!


Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

She's a Beauty all right,Ree! And have you seen the old movies with JoAnn Woodward? There was another one.

Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

audrey hepburn! ... but everyone says that, i guess. but yes, there were some knockouts in the old classic movies. very few like that these days. maybe meg ryan?

when did elegance go out of style? now it's all flash and no substance ...

oh, we should add maureen o'hara to that list. ;-)

Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

oh! no one even mentioned grace kelly.

Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

OH,YES !! You said the true word there,Pard! Maureen O'hara! What a voluptuous,statuesque beauty!AND a great actor! But you know,`beauty IS only skin deep'.Here's my favorite woman of all time on TV,because of her inner beauty and grace.She is the only woman on TV that could begin to compare with my wife in these qualities.Never becoming spiteful or answering her husband in a mean way.Always respectful,even when tried.This woman is...............(drumroll here)...............Caroline Ingalls of `Little House on the Prairie'.What a doll !!! I have never seen a woman so near like my Linda. Aahhhhh.......I am so fortunate!


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Now don't take this as a comprehensive list.

Mae west

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Katherine Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Betty Grable

Betty Davis

The Petty Girl

Linda Carter

Marilyn Munroe

Vera Ellen

Vivien Leigh

Veronica Lake

Marlene Dietrich

Olivia DeHavilland

Joan Fontaine

Greta Garbo

Barbara Stanwyck

Ingrid Bergman

Ginger Rogers...

Ah hell, I could go on for hours, but there's some for ya.

Twiggy, however, shoulda been shot.

I find it depressing that the "Dangerous Curves" girl being in style is seemingly a thing of the past, as is counting Grace and Dignity as part of a womans beauty.

Most of those named above had a certain style, an elegance, if you will, that is seemingly no longer present in our society, alas.

For you young folks, tho...who are curious to know what yer elders thought was hot, in their day and age...there's a small page that's well worth a look.

Enjoy !

Go see some of those movies too, you'd be surprised at the quality of them, hollywood sure has gone downhill over the years..


(P.S. - BIG bonus points for anyone finding a pic of any of the above on a moped or scooter...some of em did own one.)

Re: More

thomas deller /

oh hell there is the whole sceene of hepburn on the scooter in "roman holiday" plus there was a collection of postcards I saw on ebay with vespas and stars of the past, some of them were on piaggio royal's thoses were too cool, I had to write this because i notice nobody mentioned Janet Lee, sure she got killed in the shower during "psycho", but she is a great supporting actress/co-star in "the naked spur" if you can find that on tape, it's a great story, and puts Jimmy Stewart in a whole new light, he is such a bad ass

Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

Don, I hope your not saying that women should be subservient to there husbands! Sometimes men need to be yelled at. I treat my girlfriend as my equal, and I have no problem with her yelling at me, especially if I do something wrong. We also share responsibilities like cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. She even works and goes to school! Imagine that, a liberated women! :)


Re: Vera Ellen is a Goddess.

i don't think don meant that ... but i agree w/ him and you crisis. women's liberation is great ... but if it makes them lose their femininity, then it's a loss all the way around. if you watch the old movies, you'll be completely impressed w/ how powerful those women where. they had some great roles. and it wasn't because of their physical beauty, they did have great strong roles. nowadays, women's strength is measured only skin deep. it's quite sad.

i was also a fan of little house on the prairie. and if you notice, the husband/wife did share responsibilities. they both treated each other w/ civility and never fought but tried to support each other. that's so rare a portrayal of family life these days. now it's all about fighting and finding fault.

what i love about old movies is how characters were multi-dimensional. men were men; women were women. what i mean is that men were allowed to show pain, follow an honor code, and treat women w/ respect. women were allowed to be graceful, strong, charming, and intelligent. now, we're mostly reduced to men who treat women like crap and women who are either overly emotional or try to act like men (by that i mean the worst aspects of men).

Re: Never did understand..

..what the appeal of the anemic waif look, like Ally McBeal's Calista Flockhart is.

I've always been of the opinion that Elaine (Jane Krakowski) is the best looking babe of the bunch.

All the stars mentioned in Ree's list would be considered fat by today's standards, but look how well we think of them despite that.


Re: Never did understand..

Reeperette /

Jim...indeed that point isn't lost on me.

What eventually lead to Vera-Ellen's death in 1981 was Anorexia Nervosa, believe it or not, the powers that be, in hollywood, wanted a more "sleek" look and gave her endless crap over her muscular (and to me, quite shapely) legs....which lead her to desperate attempts at slimming her figure beyond what it should have been...eventually spiralling down into Anorexia.

It was a contributing factor in the loss of her child with Victor Rothschilde, and made it difficult for her to fight the cancer that eventually killed her.

So much promise has been lost due to standards no one will admit are idiotic.


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