Nuts and bolts, mostly nuts.

I had an idea today...

Wouldn't it be great to have titanium nuts? No more problems with stripped nuts ever again!!!

Does anybody make titanium nuts & bolts?

On a slightly different topic, has anyone seen those titanium drill bits you can buy? Drill through metal, stone, pretty much anything! I dont know how we've been able to sleep without them!

Re: Nuts and bolts, mostly nuts.

I occasionly use Kryptonite nuts and bolts on my mopeds and only had one customer complaint, some guy with a red cape and blue leotards. Says whenever he rides my mopeds it makes him feel weak.

Go figure

Re: Nuts and bolts, mostly nuts.

Hey Zippy! Use RED KRYPTONITE ones next time and he won't `give a hoot' about nothin' ! (;>P

Re: Nuts and bolts, mostly nuts.

My brother used to work for Fastenall, a company that supplies construction sites with nuts, bolts, and any fastener you can think of. He's into velodrome racing, and ordered a bunch of titanium nuts and bolts for his bikes. There should be listings in your local phone book under fasteners, nuts and bolts, or even industrial supply places.

Who knows, you could save an ounce and gain .00001HP at the wheel. ;D

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