Need Help!

I own a Jawa moped and i need some help. It does run, but i need to get some stuff for it. I need to get a headlight for it, but are all the headlights on the mopeds the same?? I also need some help finding out what model of the jawa it is. So i can get some parts for it. if anyone has any info on the jawa or can tell me about any web pages it would be very helpful. i dunno if it is even worth fixing up, only got it for $25.00, but it runs. well any advice would be helpful too.



RE: Need Help!

Simon King /

try <a href=""; target="_blank">Tim D.'s Jawa Page</a>. Good Luck.

Need Help!

kim jensen /

Parts are nto that easy to come by. Track down Vlado, he goes to Slovakia several times a year and can get you things there.

Check E-Bay or the guy who posted on this thread Hoppeness, he has some Jawa NOS stuff.

Headlights are a bit odd for them as they have two plug in on each terminal, but you can probably solder the two leads together for use on a single plug headlight.

Post a pic so we can see what you have, or check the wiki photos section to compare yours to those pictured.

Steve's Mopeds or 1977 Mopeds may have some things for Jawa.

Also checkout for manuals or Moped Riders Association for manuals.

best of luck with your new ped!

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