motobecane question..

i have decided to restore the motobecane 51v that i was going to part out... the only question i have so far is how compatible are other motobecane models with the 51v? say for instance i need a carb (which i do)... which one do i need? will any motobecane gurtner carb work?

any tips would be appreciated... this is my first attempt at completely restoring a moped from awful, awful condition...

should keep me busy this winter.. =]

thanks and sorry to anyone that asked for parts from the motobecane.. the engine freed up nicely (much to my suprise) and the rest has been cleaning up as well.. and i dont have a good winter project.

and crisis, i SWEAR i will get this heap out of your garage soon! haha... ill come tomorrow and pick her up.. smooch.


Re: motobecane question..

Crisis--Cincinnati /

Beagle, that is the first thing that I was going to say. "when are you going to get that bad boy outta my garage!". :)

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