I have a 1989 tomos golden bullet and i had some repairs done on it

1st and 2nd gear replaced and clutch gasket soposedly.

Unfortunatly i dont have the tool that you need to take the gears off with.

I plan on getting those soon though

The problem is my transmisson wants to wind out real hi before engaging

into 2nd gear. This becomes a problem when approaching a hill. Im putting Dextron 3 atf in it but in my manual it says something about using standard i dont know what that means

Also when ingaged in 2nd gear and comeing to a stop if i dont stop completely and hit the throttle it will just go into neatral.Then i will have to hit the kill switch and start it up again and then it will go into gear this poses a major problem when dealing with angry 4 wheelers.


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Crisis--Cincinnati /

is this cincinnati boy, brian walker?

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yep show is

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Help this guy, he's in the new cincy branch of the moped army! :)

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what you need to do is take it back to the shop and tell them to cut the clutch pads. with the A3 transmissions the clutches are very seceptiable to slipping. what need to be done is the cuts in each pad with hacksaw about 1/4 inch deep and that should fix the problem. also use type F automatic transmission fliud. do not use any other type it will decrese the performence of your moped.

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Is this something i could do my self im not to expericed at working on mopeds but theres alot of us around hear taking them apart

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Hey, Be glad to send you a copy of factory fix for this problem, by Tomos, also the fix for the draging center stands. Need address. I have a almost new complete clutch assembly also. Doug D.

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Doug i emailed you idont know if it went through or not im new to computers thanks

Re: TOMOStransmissionproblems

Hey, No didn`t get an email from you. Doug D.

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hey doug are those directions your going to send me explain fixing the bick the way ivan said to

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