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Pat Schmidt /

How much and what type of oil goes the transmission on a Sprint use? I think the previous owner put way too much in causing occasional shifting problems.



RE: One more thing

Reeperette /

If it's anything like the Bullet ? 10w30 Motor oil.

Should be a screw on the side of the trans you can check the level with.

And yes, trouble upshifting is more usually too much, rather than too little.


Re: One more thing

Assuming this is a Tomos Sprint, the transmission/gearbox takes ATF type A subindex A automatic transmission fluid. Shell and Havoline make a Mercon/Dexron III synthetic that meets the tech specs for the above listed and holds up better. The transmission/gearbox takes 300 cc (0.63 pints) but if done properly it is impossible to overfill. When you drain the old fluid, you take out the drain plug on the bottom, the fill plug on the top AND the level plug on the side. Alot of people have no idea what the plug in the right side of the transmission/gearbox is for. You pull this out and fill it up to the bottom of the level hole. Any overfillage simply runs out the level hole.

Re: One more thing

i'm not sure about tomos, but the minarelli engine requires a NONDETERGENT oil. is that also the case for the tomos sprint?

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