tire wear??

hi all, how long should someone expect new tires to last before needing to replace them? ( mileage wise ). assuming no flats!!!!!!!!!!! thanks............

Re: tire wear??

dont know about mopeds, or even my own scooter for that matter, but I have 2 motorcycles and the rear tires last from 3000 to 6000 before they wont pass inspection

Re: tire wear??

Reeperette /

About 4000 Miles, actually....unless yer a throttle-gorilla like me (ungh fasta, fasta!) who likes to pull trick manuver.

That's on Tomos, I dunno if other peds have longer/shorter wear times.


Re: tire wear??

The way I see it, if they still have good treds, and they are holding air, and are evenly worn, they are fine.

Re: tire wear??

my vespa has 5k on it. i think the tires are still original.

Re: tire wear??

jamie leonard /

As well, if its an older ped that was stored a while keep an eye out for cracks in the tires (you might find a ped that was stored for 10 years or more, with only 1000 miles on it, but the tires are cracking.... which isn't a good situation to ride on.) Main thing is keeping an eye out (as others have mentioned) for even wear, tread still being in good shape, etc. Better to visually check things out and not worry so much about a static mileage figure in my book.

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