ouch dude cig butts hurt

Steve Anderson /

Has anybody ever had a cigarette butt flicked at you by an oncomeing vehicle while on a moped going 30+ Mph? That happend to me at night one time and it really startled me...and burned...it sucked.

Re: ouch dude cig butts hurt

jamie leonard /

I've had them flicked at me, but fortunately so far they've only hit clothes (and haven't been on me long enough to cause any flames) I had one guy toss one and hit me while at a STOP light one time... just threw it out his window without looking and pinged it off my helmet. He was quite apollogetic afterwards, but goes to show.... many drivers do not pay attention to anything around them.

Re: ouch dude cig butts hurt

Used to drive a gasoline tanker.Made me pretty nervous when following some person tossing them in the road.Back then,70s and 80s mostly,small leaks of gasoline out the top of a tanker were directed thru hoses down to the street behind the cab on both sides.I've seen times when a tanker would be overfilled and GALLONS of gas would gush to the street back then.EPA won't stand still for that now.Good thing,too!

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I was at a stop light on my ped the other day, and I flicked my cigerette, without paying too much attention, and it went in this car's window in the next lane. Luckily it was some very nice girls. They just kinda laughed it off with me. Glad it wasn't some big redneck with a bad temper! :) I guess it works both ways.


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U smoke on ur ped? You must wear a half helmet. My full face helmet is pretty restrictive. Just don't get too caught up on smoking, and end up not seeing brake lights in front of you, having the stoge in your hand, you have to hesitate to brake, and before you know it; you're road kill. I wouldn't recommend smokin when riding.

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It's not like I smoke all of the time while riding. Usually if I have one lit before I get on, then I just keep it in my mouth and take a drag at stop lights/signs. Not a big risk there. My hands are free for braking. Also, I don't wear a helmet, because my state doesn't require one. Helmets restrict my vision, and I would rather see that car in the next lane over.

Re: ouch dude cig butts hurt

Hey,Crisis! You're a young dude,right?You want to be riding for another several decades,right?Kick the smoking out the door and you'll be really glad you did.I smoked `til 22 yrs.old.Have quit for 27 yrs......It's not just the cost,but it's the toll it takes on your lungs.It's your right to smoke Crisis,so don't get me wrong.I'd let you smoke in my car if you hitchhiked and I picked you up,so long as you cracked the window a little.Listen to an old fuddy-duddy like me Crisis.I've seen a lot of my friends battling cancer and emphysema.I care about young fellows like you.

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