Speaking of MB5's


I am interested in the MB5, mostly because I want a manual trans. I have a 99 Targa LX right now. How rare are they, and are they really that much faster? What kind of price should I expect, and does anyone out there know of one available? Thanksfor the help. Steve

Re: Speaking of MB5's

You can look here... they only made them for a year or two... so they're old.


New... they would probably do an honest 55 to 65mph.

The truth is there are probably a lot of similar age small motorcycles (like 125's 175's 200's and 250's) that are fully legal and more powerful/faster for about the same money.

I think an MB5 is required to be licensed as a motorcycle anyway.. (most states)

Re: Speaking of MB5's

With that search... just use

Honda and

MB5 and

"nationwide" ...leave the rest of the categories blank.

Re: Speaking of MB5's

Thanks Alot!

Re: Speaking of MB5's

chuck russo VA /

get a haonda NS50 they are alot faster and water cooled

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