I have a new moped!

I just brought the moped home, it's mine. I'll post some pics shortly. I'll need a gas cap, so if anyone has an extra Tomos compatable cap, let me know.

Pics to follow.

New moped (Photo)

There it is


Re: New moped (Photo)

Reeperette /

Nice - you shoulda showed me that pic right off - I'd have toldja to buy it.

Silly wayne.

Have fun !


Re: New moped (Photo)

Nice ride Wayne, is that the original paint job?

Re: New moped (Photo)

Yes, original-- and I'd never seen it, when I posted the first few notes-- It did sound like it might have been through the wringer, so to speak

I didn't have much hope that it was a good machine, until I saw how certain she was that it was a worthwhile machine---

I actually offered to give her the 425$ for it without even seeing it. I figured that anyone who was that certain ab out the value of her moped was either crazy, or really in possession of a quality machine.

She was really nice, and I think i got a good bike. Sorry about the confusion-- I only saw the bike for the first time about a week and a half ago...


Re: I have a new moped!

sweet, glad to hear you got a ped Hopefully it wont be too cold to atleast get a few days of fun in.

Enjoy wayne!

Re: I have a new moped!

You should have gotten a white one.... :-)

Re: I have a new moped!

Ron Brown /

Racist swine!! : }

Re: I have a new moped!

nice bike. too bad it's not italian. ;-)

Re: I have a new moped!

Great,Wayne! Awesome-looking `ped! Everything (speakers,horns,panniers,etc.)you hang on that will accentuate that beautiful white paint! Enjoy! I might just drive up and see you one of these days,when I get my 60cc kit installed.I'm not afraid of a few 200+ mi.a day trips.Going to Florida now,though,I think.I got my boy's Kawasaki motorized bike today from SCOOTER DAVE in Michigan.My boy's eye's lit up like krypton bulbs and I snapped 3 pics of him right then!He's a happy camper now and knows how you feel I betcha'.ENJOY,WAYNE !!

Re: I have a new moped!

Where are Tomos mopeds made?

Re: I have a new moped!

tomos are made (if i remember right) in slovenia (a former republic of yugoslavia). they have a good reputation.

Re: I have a new moped!

Awesome! those tomo's can be reworked pretty good 1st thing I'd do is check out www.BoreKits.com and see if they can help you increase the topend - they migh have the cap 2.


Re: I have a new moped!

Nice bike, Wayne. Nothing like a wonderful Slovenian made cruiser! My Garelli Super Sport comes back from the shop on Sat. I had it overhauled, so it oughta ride like a brand new bike! We hope.........


Re: I have a new moped!


Post a pic of your bike when you get it back, i am really excited to see it.


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